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[ALBUM]Niki Chow-Redefine

[ALBUM]Niki Chow-Redefine
Release Date:January 20th,2009
File Details:320kbps/47mb
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Actress/singer Niki Chow gets the support of some of the hottest Canto-pop musicians in her bid to shed her teenybopper image and Redefine herself as a mature singer with her first album since Nikikaka in 2006. Tracks on this album include the upbeat main plug "Riddles" (theme song for an electronic appliances retailer), the ballad "Afraid to Chase After Love" written by Keith Chan and Lin Xi, "Floating" composed by Khalil Fong, and another cut by Chet Lam. Also notable is the Mandarin song "Better Let You Go", the ending theme of Niki's CCTV series The Book and the Sword, as it features lyrics written by Niki herself. The Bonus DVD that comes with the album contains four music videos.

01. 猜燈謎 (Riddles) [watch mv via youtube.]
02. 越愛越怕追 (Afraid to Chase After Love)
03. 輕飄飄 (Floating)
04. 信 (Trust)
05. 天梯 (Heaven’s Ladder)
06. 還是讓你走 (Better Let You Go) [Mandarin]

file details: 320kbps(High Quality)/47mb

Riddles Music Video:
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