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[ALBUM]Myolie Wu-Evolve

[ALBUM]Myolie Wu-Evolve
Release:Novmeber 28th,2008
Label:Neways Music

Often praised for her acting, beloved TVB actress Myolie Wu is no less talented in singing. She has sung a few theme songs for some of the drama series she starred in, and finally she is releasing her first album Evolve.

The 8-track CD features Myolie's new songs including "Traveling Single" and "Now and When" (duet with Vincent Wong) which is a remake of her radio drama song "One Plus One". Fans of her TV dramas can find her past theme songs like "Fortunately" (from War and Destiny), "Miss Pig" (from To Grow with Love), "Today the Saddest Day" and "Grateful For You" (both from Wars of In-Laws II, the latter a duet with rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong).

The album comes with a bonus DVD containing music videos of "Traveling Single", "Now and When", and "Romantic Century".-credits to yesasia

1. 單身旅行 Single Vacation
2. 浪漫世紀 Romantic Century
3. 時間不等我 Time Does Not Wait For Me
4. 幸而 Fortunate
5. 豬小姐 Miss Pig
6. 哪時此刻 OT:一加一 (胡杏兒/王浩信合唱) Which Time This Moment (OT: "1+1") w/ Vincent Wong
7. 感激遇到你 (野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶插曲) (胡杏兒/黃宗澤合唱) Grateful For Meeting You ("War of In-Laws II" Sub Song) w/ Bosco Wong
8. 最難過今天 (野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶插曲) (胡杏兒/王浩信合唱) The Hardest To Get By Today ("War of In-Laws II" Sub Song) w/ Vincent Wong

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