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[ALBUM]Stephanie Cheng(鄭融)-23 & Ken Hung(洪卓立)-Next Attraction

[ALBUM]Stephanie Cheng(鄭融)-23
Release Date:October 30th,2008

A little over a year after the release of her last album Super Girl, Stephanie Cheng returns with her latest Canto-pop album. 23 features eleven tracks including the hits Me Vs Me and "Health Education" (Track 1). Other highlights on Stephanie's new release are the hit duet "Nothing Accomplished" (Track 9) with Pakho Chau and "Useless Love Song" (Track 2) featuring MC Jin.

01. 健康教育
02. 無謂情歌(featuring莊冬昕 & 歐陽靖)
03. 還
04. 23
05. 怪人十二面相
06. 問題少女
07. 單數
08. 60秒的夢
09. 一事無成 (鄭融,周柏豪合唱)
10. Whatever Will Be
11. Me Vs Me

download at my journal.

[ALBUM]Ken Hung(洪卓立)-Next Attraction
Release Date:October 30th,2008

Ken Hung’s third and latest album was pushed back three weeks to allow him time to recover from a case of pleural effusion. Fortunately, the quality of this pleasant work will give fans a reason to cheer. The ten tracks on the album include the Cantonese (Track 3) and Mandarin (Track 10) versions of “The Boy Saw the Wild Roses”, “Old Buddy” (Track 4), and “What Does It Take to Love You” (Track 5). Also, fans eagerly waiting for the teen movie Want to be With You the shy singer stars in can have a taste of the bittersweet romance by checking out the theme song (Track 6).

01. 愛在通脹蔓延時
02. 吃得到的葡萄也是酸的
03. 男孩看見野玫瑰
04. 陳友
05. 憑甚麼愛你
06. 很想和你在一起 (電影‘很想和你在一起’ 主題曲)
07. 阿曼的球場
08. 一個人等咖啡
09. 早熟
10. 男孩看見野玫瑰 (國語)

download at my journal.
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